The Search Advertising Show is a brand new conference dedicated to paid search on Google, Bing and Amazon from the organisers of BrightonSEO








12 September 2019 | Harbour Hotel, Brighton

Our Speakers

Arianne Donoghue: Strategy Director - Epiphany

Arianne Donoghue: Strategy Director - Epiphany


About Arianne

Having started off her digital career client side over a decade ago, Arianne has worked for both agencies and brands in-house, specialising in all things paid media. She is now back agency side doing digital strategy.

A regular on the conference scene, she’s also an editor and contributor at popular site State of Digital, and proud part of She Does Digital.

Nadya Birca: Co-Founder - STEPP Digital

Nadya Birca: Co-Founder - STEPP Digital

The use of PPC for multi-channel audience management

The benefits of leveraging PPC audiences across other online and terrestrial (offline channels). Nadya will be discussing customer segmentations, how to best align channels such as CRM, Display, Paid Social (giving examples of tests to run) and use lifetime & behavioural on-site triggers to record pre-sale intent and turn into into sale/post-sale journey.

About Nadya

With nearly 15 years of digital marketing experience, Nadya has been running PPC-only and multi-channel digital for brands such as Net-a-Porter, Interflora, Urban Outfitters, New Look and has most recently been consulting TalkTalk as their Head of Digital Performance, leading a team of 9 astute agency PRO’s. She’s managed budgets in excess of tens of millions and been responsible for a third of multi-billion pound business revenues.

Duane Brown: Founder & Head of Strategy - Take Some Risk Inc.

Duane Brown: Founder & Head of Strategy - Take Some Risk Inc.

Make More Money By Building Sexy AF PPC Landing Pages For Your Brand

Customer insights; the missing ingredient in your PPC landing pages. Without doing the research to understand a brand’s customer, how can attendees build landing pages that convert and make them more money. Attendees will walk out of this session having learned how to layout, organize and get better data for their landing page. Do you want to make more money?

About Duane

Duane has been called an international man of mystery and digital nomad by friends. He has lived in 6 cities across 3 continents and visited 40 countries around the world. He uses his curiosity for people and having worked on brands like ASOS, Walmart, Unbounce, Quantcast, Jack Wills and WooCommerce to run better marketing campaigns for clients.

Louise Childs: Account Director - ConversionWorks

Louise Childs: Account Director - ConversionWorks

Supercharging PPC performance with GA

Using various techniques to maximise the performance across PPC. Combining the power of Google Analytics and Machine Learning to adapt your marketing strategies.

About Louise

Louise is an data-obsessed Account Director within the Biddable Media Team at ConversionWorks. She has 8 years of digital marketing experience and has a real passion for bridging the gap between PPC and Analytics.

Halide (aka Holly) Ebcinoglu: Atom Ant & Search Rockstar -   Kubix Digital

Halide (aka Holly) Ebcinoglu: Atom Ant & Search Rockstar - Kubix Digital

Machine Learning in Google Ads: Tips, Tricks & Best Practice

Machine Learning is everywhere, also in Google Ads. In my talk I’m not going to deepdive into specific ML features more into ways how PPC Managers have to deal with it and how it’s changing the way we are managing Google Ads accounts.

About Halide

Halide worked at Google Dublin before she has co-founded her own Search Agency. She is mainly based in the Kubix Digital Berlin office where she manages Google Ads campaigns and giving SEO consultancy for international clients. She is also in the judging panel of the UK Search Awards and manages the Women.Digital Community to empower women working in the online marketing industry.

Richard Falconer: Managing Director - Yard

Richard Falconer: Managing Director - Yard

Stacking the Adwords deck

Google’s advertising revenue has grown exponentially over the last few years. There are numerous reasons for this but here we investigate the darker side of why people click paid search ads and discuss what it means for your campaigns.

About Richard

Richard is Managing Director of technical marketing agency, Yard. He’s worked in digital marketing for 12 years, consulting for huge corporations and small enterprises along the way.

Corey Lendrum: PPC Lead - Codefixer

Corey Lendrum: PPC Lead - Codefixer

De-Junking Google Ads Accounts

My talk will go in to detail on how best to sweep up troublesome Google Ads Accounts. This talk will go over correct structuring, identifying pesky default settings, and using lists & labels correctly. This is generally aimed towards turning inherited accounts around, but would also be suitable for more intermediate users who need help in cleaning up their accounts and understanding best practice.

About Corey

Corey looks after all things PPC at Codefixer for clients across a variety of sectors across the UK & Ireland. One of Corey’s key areas of experience is within turning problematic inherited accounts around.

Nils Rooijmans: Fearless Google Ads Automater - Water Cooler Topics

Nils Rooijmans: Fearless Google Ads Automater - Water Cooler Topics

Keeping an Eye on Google’s AI using Scripts

Google is pushing its AI, reducing the amount of control for PPC experts. You can use scripts to monitor the impact of the AIs and regain control. At the end of my talk you will have a ready to use step-by-step approach to analyse the impact of some of Google Ads latest AI algorithms, as well as a way to regain some control using scripts.

About Nils

Nils Rooijmans, veteran in Search Marketing, AI alumni and Search Specialist by trade.
With over +20 years experience in the field (PPC, SEO) he has helped over hundreds of companies increase their revenue and profits, mostly through automations.
Currenlty he combines his technical, business and entrepreneurial experience running a remote search agency and is sharing his knowledge on Google Ads Scripts via .

Rob Watson: MD & Founder - Freewheeling

Rob Watson: MD & Founder - Freewheeling

After 12 months of testing, why I’m moving all campaigns over to Smart bidding

This talk will firstly give some background on why AI has improved so much over the last 2 years – it truly is staggering how much this technology has advanced. I will then present my case for why the audience should embrace Smart Campaigns, with evidence from clients in various verticals, using a mixture of search, shopping and display campaigns. Finally I will share my framework, a simple 3 step process to crush it with Smart Campaigns, that will give the audience clear actionable steps to follow.

About Rob

Rob has been working in ecommerce since 1999 and has over 13 years experience of pouring over Google Ads campaigns. He is the founder of Freewheeling, a PPC consultancy that focuses on helping businesses and their teams utilise the latest technology to get the maximum return from their advertising budgets. Rob has used PPC to help sell most things from bathrooms to live insects.

Kirk Williams: Owner & Minion - ZATO

Kirk Williams: Owner & Minion - ZATO

My Top Shopping Ad Tips for 2019, Building & Managing

But what do you *really* need to know about Shopping Ads in 2019? That’s what this session is here to answer. We’ll discuss key points of interest in Shopping Ads such as campaign structure, feed fields to optimize for, Showcase Ads, and Smart Shopping campaigns. Even if you’re familiar with Shopping Ads, you’ll likely pick up a helpful tip or trick from this session.

About Kirk

Kirk is the owner of ZATO, his Paid Search PPC micro-agency of experts, and has been working in Digital Marketing since 2009. He has been named one of the Top 25 Most Influential PPCers in the world by PPC Hero the past 3 years, and is known for his articles and conference sessions on Ecommerce PPC. Kirk currently resides in Billings, MT with his wife, 5 children, books, and little sleep.